Thursday, February 23, 2006

Obviously, I haven't updated in a while. This is not for lack of interest or lack of stuff to write about; it's mostly due to the fact that I've set a March 31st deadline for finishing The Book (and I'm sticking to it, dammit, even if it kills me). So as a consequence, this will not be the most intellectual post. My brain has turned to jelly.

I've been making all these lists in my head. It's fun. I like doing that---I think it's a compulsive thing. Here are some that I composed recently. The first one involves Duran Duran. Shocking, I know. I can't help it though. I love these men. I love their music. I love their hair. I love their clothes. I, hold it--what in God's name is Nick wearing in this photo? Is it a caftan? A tunic? A muu muu? Damn.

Andie's Top 5 Favorite Duran Duran Videos
  1. Rio Awwww, they're so young in this! So pretty and witty and adorably glam....I just wanted to eat them up! Yes, I really did.
  2. New Moon on Monday "Shake up the picture, the lizard mixture with your dance on the eventide." Some of the most awesome lyrics ever written. Also, Simon is teh sex.
  3. Careless Memories A bouquet of tulips hurled against the wall = weird Freudian metaphor? That being said, I totally feel for the chick in this video. Having to choose between Simon and John? That's rough. I should know, I've been grappling with that dilemma since I was twelve years old.
  4. Lonely In Your Nightmare Dude--John is so hot, it's criminal. Andy is also a cutie in this video (the little that we see of him, anyway. Damn the director...)
  5. The Wild Boys They're in bondage, y'all. John is lashed to the hood of a sports car, Simon is strapped to the windmill torture thingamajig, and Andy is fighting off a naked girl in body paint with his gee-tar. Welcome to my formative years.

Top 5 Songs That Make Me Feel Like a Bad Ass
  1. One Way or Another -- Blondie
  2. I Did It -- Dave Matthews Band
  3. This Boy -- Franz Ferdinand
  4. Dancing With Myself -- Billy Idol (heh, heh, smell the masturbatory overtones in that one?)
  5. Andy, You're A Star -- The Killers (okay, I'm vain. Sue me.)

Top 5 Favorite Songs To Sing At Kareoke
  1. Do You Think I'm Sexy? by Rod Stewart
  2. You May Be Right by Billy Joel (note: this one only works well when you're extremely liquored, like at least twice the normal amount for a kareoke bar).
  3. The Tide Is High by Blondie
  4. Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan (good song for exorcising demons)
  5. Nasty by Janet Jackson (remember my advice for being well liquored for the Billy Joel song? Double that amount before attempting this one. Seriously.)

Top 20 Songs that I listen to a lot,
(according to the "most played" list on my iTunes)

  1. Fuck and Run -- Liz Phair (guess I sorta like that one, ya think?)

  2. Mama, You've Been On My Mind -- Rod Stewart

  3. Tell Her Tonight -- Franz Ferdinand

  4. Take Me Out -- Franz Ferdinand

  5. Born For Me -- Paul Westerberg

  6. Just Like A Pill -- Pink

  7. Your Love Is the Place Where I Come From -- Teenage Fanclub

  8. The Dark of the Matinee -- Franz Ferdinand

  9. It's My Life -- No Doubt

  10. Help Me Mary -- Liz Phair

  11. Red Light Fever -- Liz Phair

  12. Auf Achse -- Franz Ferdinand

  13. I've Had It -- Aimee Mann

  14. Cheating On You -- Franz Ferdinand

  15. Jacqueline -- Franz Ferdinand

  16. This Fire -- Franz Ferdinand

  17. Darts of Pleasure -- Franz Ferdinand

  18. Glory -- Liz Phair

  19. Why Can't I? -- Liz Phair

  20. It's Sweet -- Liz Phair

Next time: even more lists.