Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Joshua Path plug:

This is the video he recently posted for his cover of "Don't Fear the Reaper." It's a brilliant version, spookier than the original. If you are squeamish, heed the warning at the beginning...there will be blood!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Other Side of Summer (Songs), Part II

Because winter sucks.


Dave Matthews Band "I Did It"

Say what you want about DMB; this song fucking rules. It's apparently about wizzing your tits off on 'shrooms. The video is certainly fitting, if that's true. Summer 2001, I remember driving along 96th, smoking a P-funk light, buzzing on Xannies, Merlot, and Nyquil. I had hit a rough patch and was depressed/ambivalent about my job, my boyfriend, and pretty much my life in general. I cranked this song and thought--screw it! The whole world can kiss my ass! This happens to be an awesome "FUCK YOU, LIFE!" song. We've all been there.


No Doubt "Hella Good"

I remember this being a very fucking hot summer in Indiana. I was working two part time jobs, renting a tiny room from a friend of mine and basically living the starving artist's dream. The rest of this CD sucks ass, but this song is cool.


Fleetwood Mac "Say You Will"

Very sentimental about this one. I spent the summer packing up and saying goodbye to my life and my family and friends in Indianapolis. I was leaving behind someone I loved (dead-end relationship) to be with someone else I loved in St. Paul. That relationship bit the dust about four months after I moved to the Twin Cities (thank GOD!). But, still, here I am...


The Killers "Hot Fuss" (whole album)

I was spending my first summer on my own in an unfamiliar city, but it was also very exciting. I felt like I could pretty much be whoever I wanted, since no one knew me. I was temping at a sales office that summer. One of the younger sales reps burned this CD for me, and I've loved the Killers ever since.

Finn Brothers "Everyone Is Here" (whole album)

I saw them at the Guthrie that July, and met Neil Finn after the show.


Gwen Stefani "Hollaback Girl"

One of the best summers in recent memory! I had just quit my (much hated) job of 10 months at Mt. Zion in St. Paul, and was living off money my dad had set aside for me. The money was supposed to be for my wedding, but since I hadn't been in any danger of getting hitched, he said I could have it whenever I wanted. I took him up on it that June and spent the entire summer writing my book, biking St. Paul, and stumbling from happy hour to happy hour with my friend Shane. It was like being a teenager again. This non-sensical Gwen Stefani song epitomizes a great chapter in my weird little life.


Fergie "London Bridge"

This was another good time. I started working as a massage therapist that August, and it was the best career move I ever made. I went from temping and being flat broke to actually having money and being able to keep myself in cool clothes, new shoes and real food--plus I met some great friends. Shane and I (we were flat-mates at the time) could finally afford to move from our depressing neighborhood in Little Canada to bright, shiny new digs in Uptown. Life was good.


Of Montreal (Basically their entire discography)

My ex Matthew (who dumped me in May of that year) introduced me to Of Montreal, and I quickly became obsessed with them. In fact, I spent pretty much this entire summer listening to Of Montreal and licking my wounds.

Lily Allen "Smile"

I also spent a lot of time listening to this song while trying to get over Matthew. Although I didn't do all the evil things Lily does in the video, I was hoping that one day I could relate to what she was singing about. And whaddya know? Once I stopped caring, I did.


R.E.M. "Man-Sized Wreath"

The summer started out promising. Marcus came up to visit and we saw R.E.M. at the Xcel Center in early June (it was the day after Obama had announced his candidacy at that same venue). This turned out to be one of the best live shows I'd ever seen. Michael Stipe did this song justice. (The accompanying video pales in comparison--you really had to be there).

Black Kids "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You"

This is one of those bands that gives me hope for modern music. I absolutely fell in love with this song the first time I heard it on the Current, and I went out and bought the CD the same day. (I didn't download it...guess I'm old-school). The album was the backdrop to what was (at the end) a shitty summer, with the whole Simon Reid debacle and everything. On a lighter note, I saw the Black Kids at 7th Street Entry with DeAnna later that year (October, I think) and they rocked the house. That lead singer is a bit of all right.


Franz Ferdinand: "Tonight" (whole album)

Has there ever been a more badass song? I think not.

This album ruled my summer. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And-archy in the UK

I just returned from a magical 3-week holiday in England. Words cannot express how much I love that country; I must have some kind of mystical past-life connection to it (...and I'm Irish! My ancestors would consider me a vile traitor!) I hung out with Ian, went punting on the Cam river, nearly killed myself bouldering on the Dorset coast, explored great Cornish towns like Tintagel, Land's End and Polperro (pictured), ate lunch at the hotel that inspired Fawlty Towers in Torquay, fell in love with the town of Clovelly and all its cats, went book shopping in Hay-on-Wye (Wales), and generally had an amazing time.

I will get around to posting the second half of my summer song list--now that it's nearly winter--but first (for Ian), here is one of my favorite Morph shorts.