Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yes Donald, homegirl is "special" all right....

Man, it's been a dreary winter. We've lost some loved ones (my in-laws...I may write about them soon), a sweet friend (Miss Susan, my Baton Rouge "mom"), and a few icons (Bowie, et al). Seriously, 2016 is too young to be sucking this hard already. 

But even in these dark times, the stars and planets align, God shuffles His feet, and we get something like this...... 

Some stray observations.....
  • Christ! Her voice could peel paint! 
  • I try not to pay any attention to Trump, so maybe someone can clue me in: what's with his facial expressions? Does he always look like he's holding in a painful fart?
  • The audience sounds like its on opioids. 
  • Speaking of opioids, what exactly is Sarah Palin on? I'm being serious. I've always suspected she was a pillhead (trust me, I recognize the signs) but I think she's taken her "dabbling" a bit too far. My best guess? Suburban speedball (Adderall, Oxy, and white zin).
  • In light of her son's arrest the night before ("Track done beat up his lady friend 'cause of Obama!") I'd say she's definitely on something.
You know what though? None of this shit matters, so here's Bowie: