Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I seriously need to lose weight. Now, I know I'm not obese--I don't have body dysmorphic disorder, and neither am I one of those annoying girls who forever blab about how fat they are and how many calories they consumed yesterday and the South Beach Diet and bleh. But last night, I as I was trying to squeeze into a dress I wanted to wear out to my boyfriend's birthday dinner, something became painfully obvious:

My ass has gotten huge since last summer.

And I'm generally on good terms with my butt; I have a pretty shapely ass (for a white girl) and I can fill out a pair of jeans well. But there's an uncomfortable difference between shapely and rotund, as I realized last night as I attempted to stretch my slinky black dress (a dress that fit me just fine last August) down over my hips.

This sucks, because it means I have to start exercising and watching what I eat. Not that I mind exercising--now that temperatures have (finally) climbed above freezing in Minnesota, I can walk to work and start biking again, which I enjoy. It's the watching what I eat part that I hate, because I love to eat. I love a large Cafe Mocha in the morning; I frequently love a cinnamon donut with my aforementioned Mocha; I love Indian cuisine with all the attendant carbs; I love Chipotle burritos with extra guacamole; I love a real beer (not that lite shit) get the picture.

Looks like it's going to be soup, salad and granola bars for the next several months.