Friday, June 13, 2008

"And she gave away the secrets to her past and said I've lost control again..."

I have waited for months, and last week it finally happened: Control was released on DVD. (And thanks to JOHN, I can watch it on a DVD player that actually works!) I am fully in the grips of an obsession with Control, "The Joy Division Movie," starring Sam Riley who is so cute and sad and vulnerable I can't decide whether I want to marry him or adopt him. Maybe both. I love the scene at the Bowie concert. He's wearing eyeliner. Mmmm, British boys with eyeliner. I also dug the scene where the boys soon to be known as Joy Division see the Sex Pistols show and immediately decide to form a band. According to both the Tony Wilson biopic (24 Hour Party People) and Deborah Curtis's memoir (Touching From A Distance), the Sex Pistols gig at the Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall was pretty much the spark that ignited Joy Division.

The epilepsy, the depression, the genius, the infidelity, the lyrics, the music.
Fucking Ian Curtis. Fucking Joy Division.
Fucking Hallelujah.

Here is the trailer....

The video (go here to see it, the bastards won't let me embed) is the actors who play Joy Division watching The Killers on TV playing a cover of Shadowplay, the Joy Division song, interspersed with clips from the film about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Confusing, but cool.

Now go see this movie already!