Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First things first...

Happy Birthday to Marcus and Mike W., two of my favorite people! Actually, their birthdays were 7/7 (yesterday), but my brain is a bit soft so my regards are a day late. In honor of their birthdays (and also because summertime makes me lazy and apt to fall back on my favorite old standby for lazy blog posting, YouTube), here is some awesomeness for all to enjoy.

Fun with treadmills! This video rocks my world. Check out the guy in the red pants. He is all kinds of cool.

If only our American Idol counterparts were this smart and charismatic...

...or this talented:

Happy Birthday M&M! Hope these made you laugh.

1 comment:

mikew said...

Aww, you remembered! I was afraid you'd vanished or split for parts unknown. Actually, when you hang as many of these on the line as I seem to have (and just when the hell did THAT happen), it's more terrifying than celebratory.

But the alternative sucks even worse. So, for now, it's Weeds, Diary of a London Call Girl, trying to find a pair of pants that fit well around the armpits,(the proper checked pattern a definite plus) checking out the early bird special at Denny's, and wondering what ever happened to those knit shirts that had a zipper in the front.

Hope you are planning a pilgrimage to Indy before summer's over, and remember: the book is "The House on Fortune Street." I need a women's point of view.

Mike W.