Thursday, November 25, 2010

Received this cheerful little news item in my inbox today:

Man accused of conning two girlfriends out of £18,000

A man has appeared in court accused of swindling two girlfriends out of £18,000.

Simon Reid, aged 44, allegedly borrowed money from women claiming he could pay them back using his business interests in the US.

But prosecutors claim that he had no such assets.

Reid is charged with two counts of fraud by false representation.

He allegedly obtained £17,000 from one woman between August 31, 2008, and August 1 this year, and another £1,000 from a second woman between December 31 last year and August 1.

Reid, of Embankment Lane North, Prince Rock, Plymouth, indicated "no plea" to both charges.

Soo Jackaman-Hall, prosecuting, said: "The defendant entered a relationship with four women and told them that he had businesses and assets in the US. He obtained money from them, saying he would pay them back with the proceeds of the assets. The sum total of what he obtained was £18,000."

But she claimed that there were in fact no assets abroad.

Magistrates ruled that the case was so serious that it would have to be heard at Plymouth Crown Court.

Reid was released on unconditional bail to appear back before magistrates again on January 19 next year.

Don't drop the soap, asshole!


Cinoda said...

"I can also take comfort in these words of wisdom from the esteemed poet Bono: Instant karma's gonna get him, if I don't get him first."
And I quote andipants.

Is there anything you can add to the investigation and charges?

Cinoda said... word verification on my last comment was....liarpoo. haha..

Anonymous said...

i would love to know what happens to this dipshit.....
please let me know....


sam said...

Hi Andi I have just watched who the hell did I marry? On ID I felt so sorry for you and the other women who were involved in his life and I am so relieved that none of you married him. And I hope all of you have a better and bright life xx

andiepants said...

Aw, thank you! That's really sweet.

Yes, the four of us (Jo, Nicola, and Laura) are all very thankful that we didn't legally tie ourselves to this man.

Updates: I married my longtime boyfriend in September, 2012. Laura just married a very nice guy in England. Jo got most of her money back, and currently has a love interest. When I last saw Nicola (June, 2012) she'd met a guy in England who was totally in love with her, but she was just sort of "meh" about him, which was funny to hear her talk about. (Jo, Nicola, and Laura are some of the funniest people I've ever known. Awesome women.)