Friday, June 29, 2012

Hallo, I'm Andie Nash! You may know me from the 20/20 "Bad Romance" story, but did you know I'm also an author? Well, now you do. My novel is called Thanks, That Was Fun and it is chock full of bad romance. There is also a lot of sex--good sex, bad sex, and no sex--something most single women (and men) can relate to, no?

Just so I'm not blowing my own trumpet (um, no pun intended) here's a description from my esteemed publisher:  "(Thanks, That Was Fun is) a humorous look at modern love and the lengths some people go to in order to get and keep it. The witty dialogue, sharply drawn characters and unconventional ending make it a satisfying read for anyone who is single, heartbroken, in love, or in between."

My novel has also been described as "the perfect summer read," (--E. Gedan), "Compelling, whip-smart, and laugh-out-loud funny," (--Sharyn Parker Ross, author of City Zen) and Angela Weldon says it's "like gossiping with your closest girlfriends over a bottomless glass of wine." 

Thanks, That Was Fun is available for $1.99 on Kindle and not-Kindle.

What are you waiting for? Go read it now! Don't worry, my blog will still be here when you come back.

I promise.


Anonymous said...

Ive been a magnet for cheating guys....last three i dated ended up being married.......Several bed
For con artists ripping me off or trying too. My problem is is that im very honest and sincere and think of others to be the same and therefore Im to naive and trusting.

Anonymous said...

*Several have been con artists

Ive even been on Judge Judy with one of them that ripped me off. He lied....but Judy made that very clear and I won the case.
Im 46 bbw and currently have given up on trying to find an honest, sincere guy.....i was married, divorced for 8 years after an 18 year marriage to a mean alchoholic.

Ms Sparrow said...

Just to make it clear to potential readers, this is not a shallow chick-lit novel. Andie is an excellent writer and it's a joy to read her prose.

Zen said...

Hi Andie,

Wish I could talk to you about what I'm going through now--extremely similar to your story, but instead of the women coming together, the (now) ex-wife and one of the other ex-mistresses I've found are still supporting this guy, who's pathologically lied and cheated his way through all our lives, and he's NOW turned the tables on me (the one who first found out) and got an order of protection and misdemeanor stalking charge against me--JUST because he got pissed off for me finding out and then later, posting it online.

He's lying in court and it's costing me time, money, and my future, because the stress has exacerbated heart problems. And oh yes, I got an std from this married loser bully--who's now claiming I'm bullying him by posting about what he did to me!

Please write my story or pass this to someone who will, because I think it's only by getting the fully and complete truth out about this guy that he will stop using the law as a pitbull to attack me--for exposing him and the truth.

I also have him on tape threatening me, and bragging about his parents' and them being able to use their "connections" to hurt me.

andiepants said...


Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through that. If you'd like to contact me, you're welcome to send me a message on Facebook:


Sammi Miller said...

Hi Andie! I work for a production company called Jarrett Creative and we're developing a show about women who caught their cheating ex's and got harmless revenge. I saw your story on the Today Show as well as other sites about you and the three other women who were all involved in the web of lies this guy tried to pull over you guys. We would love to talk to you more about your story and ideally bring you on the show as well as the other women involved. You can e-mail me further at

Thanks Andie! I'll message you on facebook as well.

Sammi Miller
Jarrett Creative

Sheila Lemon said...

Hi Andie,

I saw you on the show "who the bleep did I marry?"... thought you were very brave and after what you had been through, had to look up your blog. you're a great writer and person and the reason I WILL never ever again join a dating site. LOL...

you can check me out at

have a beautiful week.

Trent Wingham said...

Hi Andie, I left a way for you to contact my via message Facebook. Wow I've been reading about you most of today. You take Care. Trent