Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen: the breakout star of
"Who the Bleep Did I Marry?"

Audrey is available for promotional and corporate events, and--for a slightly larger fee--she will do small parties and personal appearances...if she's in the mood.

I am acting as her booking agent for the time being. Forward all inquiries to me.  

Herself, mulling over offers in the condo that daddy bought for her.


Melissa Pickett said...

OMG I'm living your story right now!!!

andiepants said...

Would you like to share with the class....?

Ms Sparrow said...

Oh Audrey, the look of royal disdain on your pretty little face is priceless!

andiepants said...

I know, right? Although she's very sweet and cuddly, she's definitely the most independent cat I've ever had. She does what she wants on her own time, on her own terms, and the humans just have to accept it.

My little rebel. ;-)

Kellie said...

I'm watching your story tonight on the Discovery channel. I can so relate. My story is a little different, but still makes me say who the @#$&* did I marry? I married "The Facebook Burglar" who committed crimes in the US, had two affairs, and escaped to Canada.

It was inspiring to see you and the other women he conned take back your lives by confronting Simon Reid. I was able to do that too, (tracking him down via good ole Facebook), and have since now found happiness and TRUE love. Thank you for sharing your story!

Samantha Kaelynn said...

I watched your story earlier. And all that is crazy! I hope he learns his lesson.