Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Borrowed this from Everything Is Terrible, one of my favorite websites in the history of ever.

There are so many jaw-droppingly awesome/awful moments packed into this clip, I scarcely know where to begin.

  • "Come on, don't put me on. I know you got a bowling ball. You became a champion bowlah! You joke with me, hah hah hah." Arnold sounds like he's reading from a script penned by Tommy Wiseau. You might say that Tommy Wiseau sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you would be wrong. Arnold sounds like Tommy Wiseau.
  • Arnold telling the children that the devil came to his house on Christmas. And then the tender violin music starts up in the background. (And then he banged the maid. The devil made him do it!)
  • It's 1988 and that room is just teeming with Cosby sweaters.  
  • Mike Tyson, future convicted rapist, singing to children. 
  • Randy Travis, future butt-nekkid Trans Am-driving singer, is there too.
  • Maria Shriver at 2:09 sporting some serious feathered hair. 
  • Any time I see Danny De Vito in something, I automatically think "No no no De Vito!" (War of the Roses joke. Look it up, it's a good one.) 


Ms Sparrow said...

Well, they got that right! It is incredibly terrible! I'm amazed at the stuff you're able to dig up.

andiepants said...

I love watching the weird-ass videos on EIT! I feel like that site was made for me and my goofy sense of humor. ;-)