Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Here are some disturbing greeting cards!

Image from Capnwacky
In honor of Easter, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite (sadly, no longer updated) humor blogs, Capnwacky, and their brilliant gallery of creepy greeting cards from the days of yore. They called it The Unfortunate Page and it featured a myriad of WTF vintage cards, including goofy Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and even Washington's Birthday cards (does anyone send out cards for Washington's Birthday?). They even added a bonus section of Unfortunate superhero and Star Trek costumes.

Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite icky Easter cards, courtesy of Capnwacky. I've also copied and pasted the captions from the site, which hopefully the Capnwacky guys won't be pissed about, since I'm basically giving them a big ol' plug, too. Also, Capnwacky guys? In case you're reading this...UPDATE YOUR SITE! I miss it. I especially miss Zonar, the human-hating alien.

"And you thought Joe Camel caused trouble."
"Yes, the Easter Bunny brings treats to good boys and girls, but beware
the evil Easter gnomes who steal treats and bite children on the ankles."

"Ah yes, the frontier. Forged by nancy-boys in
sissysuits, riding egg wagons pulled by bunnies."

"So, are these tiny people, or are the birds freakishly huge?
Either way, it adds up to me not getting a pleasant night's sleep."

"Only big bunnies get to cavort with humans."


Anonymous said...

Those Easter gnomes are the scariest things I've ever seen. The dancing rabbit is a close second.

andiepants said...

That bunny is scary, but I think the child dancing with it looks even more disturbing. What's that thing on his head?

The Katydid said...

Hi Andie....I just saw your story on Simon Reid on "Who the bleep did I marry" and came in to see if I could find your blog :-) LOVE the vintage Easter pics ... I'll ck your blog out a little more tomorrow or the next day. Katy

andiepants said...

Thanks Katydid! I will check out your blog as well. :-)

Hani Robert said...

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