Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adorableness rating: 11. Yes, these kittens go to 11.

Introducing the Fab Four: Gordon, Patrick, Dylan, and Petal

These four dangerously cute kittens are currently being fostered by my friend Prudence here in Baton Rouge.

I was lucky enough to meet Prudence last month while she was making her daily visit to her mother Susan, our very sweet downstairs neighbor. I discovered that Prudence and Susan have been caring for my two favorite neighborhood cats, Sebastian and Rosie. Back in early March, Rosie gave birth to four kittens on Susan's patio, and I got to know both Susan and Prudence while cooing over the new babies.

When the kittens were four weeks old, Prudence and I took them to the vet for their first check-up, where they got a clean bill of health from the doctor. After that we decided to move them inside to Susan's apartment, because the little boogers were getting brave and venturing out away from Rosie, and we didn't want them to get lost. We tried to coax Rosie inside too, but she wasn't having it. She's more comfortable living on the patio, having the freedom to come and go as she pleases.

Over the following weeks, Prudence, Susan and I did kitten duty around the clock, taking them outside in shifts so Rose could nurse them and (slowly) introducing them to solid food per the vet's recommendation. Two weeks ago, we took the babies to the vet again for their six-week check up and their first round of vaccinations. The doctor said it was okay to completely wean them off their mother's milk, so they started eating solid food full-time.

They are now eight weeks old and they are adorable little purry furry fluffballs who must be kissed and played with and loved and petted and cuddled. I love these little noodles so hard!

Tomorrow Prudence and I take Rosie to the vet to be spayed. As adorable as these little boos are, we don't want Rosie birthing any more fuzzy little "presents". She's a good mommy, but we've all agreed that it's time for her to retire.

After the spaying, I'm heading to Prudence's house for some kitten time. I need my kitten fix!

The aftermath of their wrestling match. Passed out kittehs!


Ms Sparrow said...

Every single bit of a kitten is just lovable and adorable. Lucky you for getting to nanny these darlings.

andiepants said...

I know, it's been so long since I've been around kittens this much; the kitties I've adopted over the years have usually been adult cats. Kittens are so much fun!