Thursday, June 06, 2013

Are you ready for the creepiest thing you'll see today? Cause here it is!

This is also an unbelievably lazy post--it's not like it's hard to make fun of this video. But screw it, I'm going in.

  • 0:16  Was anyone else relieved to see both of his hands? I know I was. 
  • 01:10  Say what you will about the guy--he does a good job of not tripping over the stage while walking backwards. Are the French known for their coordination? 
  • 01:15 - 01:25  Those dancers are really trying hard to out-creepy that doll. But it can't be done. 
  • 01:26  See what I mean?
  • 02:16  Nails it again! He's good. 
  • 02:44  Even when the girls turn on him, he never stops dancing! 
  • My favorite YouTube comment: "Roman Polanski never sounded better."
I think it's the effects of summer in the Deep South, but my brain is moving really slow. I'll kick it in high gear soon and be back with a proper post.

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