Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ooh, Heaven is a.....Psychedelic Furs song

You know how sometimes a certain song--in some cases maybe a song you haven't heard in years--just pops into your head and then you have to play it 75 times a day and then you go on YouTube and find the video (whoa, you didn't even know this song had a video, cool!) and you get completely obsessed with the song and you find yourself singing it in your head and out loud everywhere you happen to be....around the house, in the car, at the gym, to your friends and spouse and everyone who comes in contact with you....?

This week, this is the song that's been doing that to me.  

Apparently it's a song about nuclear war. But wasn't every song in 1984 about nuclear war? All the best songs were, anyway. 

"It's about planes flying over ready to drop bombs, nuclear bombs."

Is it me, or is Richard Butler giving off some serious Bowie vibes in this video?
I'm digging it.


Carolina Luperini said...

Hello, I'm from Brazil and I saw your case on the internet, I feel lucky to have found your blog! How are you currently?
A big kiss!

andiepants said...

Olá Carolina!

Thank you for reading, I hope that you continue to follow my blog. :-)

I'm doing well, I got married to a great guy!

Big kiss back at ya!