Friday, December 19, 2003

I was checking out wayesworld and read the movie review for The Human Stain. It reminded me how little I've seen this year, especially lately. I've been to the movies exactly twice since moving up to Minnesota. I saw Runaway Jury (mediocre and a bit far-fetched, but then again, it's Grisham) and The Cat in the Hat (not as bad as everyone is saying).

There were only a handful of movies released this year that piqued my interest, and I never made it to the two that I really wanted to see (Lost In Translation and American Splendor). Of the few that I did see, the only ones that made a lasting impression were A Mighty Wind, (hilarious), Whale Rider (excellent), and Swimming Pool (of course I liked this one--it's about a writer!)

The prize for the worst movie that I saw this year, hands down, goes to House of 1,000 Corpses. It's just as revolting as the title suggests. Josh dragged me to this one, and the only positive thing I have to say about the whole experience is thank God I was high, so what I recall about this crapfest is sketchy at best. Still, it's enough.

Movies that I had no desire to see whatsoever, (and never will, if I have any say in it) are: The Hulk, Kill Bill, American Wedding, (and I liked the first American Pie, they should have left it at that), Daddy Day Care, Elf (I'm just not feeling the Will Farrell love), Just Married (I have an intense, irrational hatred of Ashton Kutcher), Uptown Girls (ditto Brittany Murphy), Master and Commander (ditto Russell Crowe), Legally Blond 2, Beyond Borders (why is Angelina Jolie still making movies? She sucks!), Terminator 3, and anything that stars Julia Roberts.

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