Sunday, December 14, 2003

What fresh hell is this?

Now they're calling them "sex bracelets"? Back in my day (1985ish) we called them jelly bracelets, and wore them for one reason and one reason only: Because Madonna wore them. I had probably fifty of the thin black flimsy bracelets that I wore at all times, with everything, when I was 12 years old. I also had some I bought at Osco pharmacy for about $1 per pack, which were thicker and stiffer (okay, that sounds vaguely sexual). You couldn't do much with those, except loop them together and make sort of a figure 8 type thing to go around your wrist (I've seen Gwen Stefani wear them like this in a video, as late as 1996). I was so cool (or not) that I even had jelly rings (purchased at It's A Small World at Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis; they ran about 25 cents each--for a tiny piece of plastic. They must have been making a killing on these!) I wore three in a row on my right ring for each of my favorite colors: red, pink, and black. I had a bad habit of chewing on them--I was a nervous, shy, fidgety kid--and actually ended up swallowing the pink one. I was terrified that it would get stuck somewhere in my intestines and either "come out" very painfully, or have to be surgically removed. Thankfully, it appears to have passed without incident.

As for the connotation to sexual favors that the msn story implies, I'm not buying it. In fact, I smell a weak media-created urban legend brewing here.

But maybe I'm just naive about such things.

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