Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I've been thinking...maybe link day should be list day? Anyway, I thought of a list today:

Cool Women That I Like

Anais Nin. I've been sort of obsessed with her lately. I checked out some of her writings from the library, which included excerpts from her Diaries and a few short stories. I also bought an audiotape of a reading that she gave in NYC in the early 70's, not long before she died. I think she's my new hero.

Beth Orton, because I'm in love with her voice and her lyrics.

Liz Phair. No matter what anyone says about her new album, I still love it. (She's been criticized lately for "selling out," but I don't agree). I know that the popular opinion is that she went downhill after Exile In Guyville (her first album), but I think it's completely the opposite. Although Guyville has its charms, I think she's actually gotten better with each album. And I'm seeing her for the second time this Thursday in Minneapolis (at First Avenue-- "the Purple Rain club")!

Deborah Harry, because she's the coolest.

Catherine Keener. I can't find a decent website for her, so here's the imdb link to her film Walking and Talking, my favorite chick flick ever.

Of course, all my female friends are on this list as well, because they're awesome, but they don't have their own websites, (at least, none that I know of). Someday I'll figure out how to post your photos on here, though!

I'm in such a Girl Power mood today! (Ugh, I really wish that term didn't conjure up images of The Spice Girls).

More to come....