Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm having a little too much fun with this site...

It totally reminds me of that scene in the '80s classic Better Off Dead when John Cusack's father sits him down for a heart-to-heart and he's trying to use an outdated book of slang to relate to him. "Lane, you are really--" (glances at book)--"bringing me over, man." Apparently this site is for youth ministers, teachers, parents, etc. who want to be clued in on the meanings of teen lingo. I'm sure it's a useful tool for the intended audience, but for the rest of us smart-asses, it's just good snarky fun. Here is the "disclaimer":

This dictionary isn't so you can try to talk like someone you're not. But it is a good reference for those who are seeking to understand a piece of youth culture today. These words are used differently by various teens around the world. Some of these words may have different meaning for teens in one area than another. But overall, this list contains words actively used by mainstream teens today. You will not find many "old school" or outdated terms such as "bad" or "radical."

You mean those crazy kids today don't say "bad" or "radical" anymore? Then again, neither did I. Guess I just wasn't "cool" back in my day.

More highlights from the definitions (see my comments in italics):

1. ask. "Let me ax you somtin!"

1. n. Someone who flaunts money. "Check out that baller over there . . . let's jack his car!"
(yes, this is, in fact, the first thing I think when I see a "baller").

for sheezy
1. (derived from "for sure") A statement of agreement. "Are you sure you want to go to ice cream?" "For sheezy!"
(I'm totally going to use this next time someone in the office asks me to lunch).

1. alright. A little above mediocre. "Do you like that youth pastor?" Yea, he's M&M."
Or, in the case of rapper Eminem, it can also mean--how you say?--"sucks."

1. A very foul term for someone’s mother that is very attractive. The word is an acronym for a “Mother that I’d Like to Fu**”
See also: American Pie

1. Wide wheels, sometimes with white walls.
There's a Madonna joke in there somewhere. If not, there should be.

Okay, I'm done now.

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