Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I have a new obsession, (thanks to Mike, who gifted me with the enitre first season on DVD). It's called The L Word, and I'm ridiculously addicted. A few years ago I got hooked on Queer As Folk, but I found myself losing interest midway through the third season because I got sick of watching Brian being a slut and Michael being a geek (even though I still love Hal Sparks) and Melanie and Lindsay, the most boring lesbian couple ever and Michael's obnoxious mom with the stupid wig didn't help matters. So now I'm all about The L Word. It's more than just a guilty pleasure type of show--it's very well written and well acted and, as I mentioned, unbelievably addictive. I've already watched every DVD of the first season, and now I'm going back and watching the commentary (yes, I'm being that dorky about it). My favorite characters are (in order from most favorite to least favorite):
  1. Alice and Shane (tie)
  2. Dana
  3. Bette (Jennifer Beals rules)
  4. Jenny (she's growing on me)
  5. Kit
  6. Tina
  7. Marina (I liked her better at the beginning)
  8. Tim

I have a lot of anxiety now because the second season doesn't start until Feb. and I don't have cable and I have to find someone who does and get them hooked on the show so I can either a.) watch it with them or b.) sweet talk them so they'll tape it for me.

Also, I really hope that it's not one of those shows that starts out awesome in the first season and then starts sucking. I'm trying to restrain myself from reading the second season spoilers, but I do know that Marina gets killed off or something and Tim isn't coming back. Beyond that, I don't want to know a damn thing! Ignorance is bliss.

So rent or buy the first season of The L Word, and if you like it email me and we can gossip. Because I'd so much rather do that than actual work, which I should be doing now.

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