Monday, February 28, 2005

Finally, an Indy Star review that I agree with...(thanks for this Marcus!)

Saw the Finn Brothers last week at the Vogue in Indy with Marcus and Aggie (I posted about it before--got cranky because the post didn't turn out right, and deleted it). So here's my update again....

Fabulous concert. It was shorter than the one I saw here in Minneapolis, but it was a more pared down, intimate show and since it was the Vogue, we were able to get close to the stage (within spitting distance--or perhaps panty-slinging distance). It was only a three man show (as in Crowded House days)...Neil, and Tim plus a bass player, who I think was also named Tim. They did a lot of the same stuff off their current album (including my favorite, Edible Flowers, which sounds phenomenal live). They did a fair number of Crowded House stuff as well (most notably Don't Dream It's Over, which they avoided the first time I saw them). They also did a good bit of material from Woodface, including Weather With You--a song that I was never crazy about but one that Marcus finally talked me into liking (you had to be there).

Afterwards Marcus, Aggie and I did the groupie thing of course and had them sign autographs by the tour bus. They didn't hang out as long as they did over the summer in MN, but it probably had more to do with the ass-clenching February cold than anything else.

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