Monday, May 02, 2005

More L Word Observations...

Jenny: I'm starting to like her. She's definitely neurotic (bordering on batshit crazy), and that's made her more likeable IMHO. I also like how she's grown a spine since last season and she's not acting like a complete doormat. I LOVED how she mindfucked Shane and Carmen on the cruise. That totally rocked. And last night she was pretty cool too, although I'm sensing some weird vibes between her and Camera Boy. She better not do him. (While I'm at it, what's the deal with him stripping naked and yet not showing his pee wee? If you're gonna get him naked, show some dick. Not that I'm dying to see what he has to offer; it's just the principal of the thing). And in the beginning of last night's ep when she was cutting up pictures and muttering in Hebrew, I actually knew what she was saying, which was a little scary (I've been at this job too long) but I was able to impress everyone with my knowlege. I love it when I have the opportunity to appear smart. Doesn't happen too often, y'all.

Shane: Her hair still looks like she stuck her head in a lawnmower. Grow that shit out, girl. Also, I'm not liking this whole "softer side of Shane" theme that they're exploring this season. She was more fun when she didn't give a rat's ass. And of all the people for her to "fall" for, why Carmen? Yeah, she's pretty, but she has no discernible personality and she's incredibly lame. I've also noticed that she seems to be the only deejay in Los Angeles, because wherever the group turns up (nightclub, bachlorette party, art gallery opening, whatever) Carmen is the deejay. That's just lazy writing.

Helena: Jesus, make her go away.

Alice: She gets more awesome with every episode. Definitely the best actress of the bunch.

Dana: She's okay--not as cool as Alice. I'm having an easier time buying them as a couple, though.

Bette: They haven't given her much to do lately. She needs to get over her daddy issues.

Kit: I don't understand what she is doing on the show. Her character serves no purpose. None. Her storylines go absolutely nowhere, and she's boring as hell.

Carmen: She sucks (see above).

Tina: She's cool. Also a character who has developed more this season.

I can't believe the season is almost over already! There have been a lot of cast changes, but not a lot has happened (compared to Season 1). The sucky part is, after May 15 I have to wait til next Feb. for new episodes, which blows.


y said...

Carmen is smokin' hot, though. Just saying.
But I'd take Alice any day.

andiepants said...

I will admit--she's nice to look at, but I feel like Shane would fall for someone with more substance (she's still new, though--maybe they'll develop the Carmen character more fully next season). I don't know--she just pissed me off with her whole backstabbing "Jenny wouldn't know the real thing if it bit her on the ass" confession to Shane. Although you could argue that Shane was equally to blame. I agree with you about Alice though. She kicks ass!