Thursday, May 26, 2005

Okay, this pisses me off severely.

First of all, thanks CBS, Mark Burnett, et. al. for crapping all over the memory of Michael Hutchence. Second, while I understand that the other members of the group want to move on and continue making music as INXS and the whole show-must-go-on thing--(it's not their fault that the guy killed himself, after all)--they're really ripping off their fans by turning this into an American Idol-type thing. I mean, WTF? Like there are not plenty of talented and worthy Australian vocalists who would have given their left nut to join INXS without selling their souls to "compete" in some degrading publicity-stunt to line the pockets of some network execs. And what about the vocalists that the band was courting? What happened to the guy from Midnight Oil? I mean, he's an Aussie, he's a songwriter, he has stage presence, and he can sing (sort of). Okay, he doesn't have the awesome Michael Hutchence hair, but really, who does?


Marcus said...

Wasn't Terrence Trent D'Arby their lead singer for awhile? What happened to him? Did he fall down the wishing well?

As an INXS fan, I gotta say this is pretty lame. I can understand a contest where the winner gets a one-concert performance with the band, but an entire tour? Who the hell would pay to see that? Michael Hutchense was the draw for INXS. Take him away - say, by hanging him by the neck with a belt until he is dead - and no one cares.

Still, I might audition. I do a pretty mean "What You Need".

Aimercat said...

TTD's ego probably got in the way once again. it keeps f'n up his career much like Robbie Williams....what is it with the Brits doing that?

Marcus said...

It's a shame that TTD hasn't done much with his career. His first CD got a lot of play on my supa-cool CD player boom box back in the day.

Musical Brits sure do love themselves, you're right about that. But at least they provide the rest of us with some great entertainment. Remember when Liam Gallagher and George Harrison were threatening each other in the press? And Liam said he'd kick George's ass if he ever saw him? Good times.

andiepants said...

Oh, TTD was awesome. I loved "Wishing Well." He was sort of notorious for his overinflated ego though; I guess he just eventually disappeared up his own ass, (as Jon Stewart says).

I remember--around '96 or so--Liam Gallagher (good Irish name) on MTV calling George Harrison a nipple. I thought that was pretty funny.