Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Day 'o the Dead!

I would have posted yesterday on Halloween, but I was too busy getting drunk and trying to keep my Magenta wig on straight, an effort that required every brain cell I have left.

Today I thought I'd post a little something for the kids, because I believe the children are our future and we don't want them having all the fun that we had; the little bastards are spoiled enough already. Here is an anti-LSD vid from the sixties. It seems the makers of this short really know their subject matter, as whomever produced this video seriously had to be tripping their balls off. Not only does it function as (sort of) an anti-drug PSA, it also has a strong pro-vegetarian message--definitely a cause I can get behind.

Next time you are about to stuff a hot dog in your face, you're going to think of this video. And scary, hairy, screaming trolls.


Ms Sparrow said...

Wow, that could have been so much worse. I was afraid she was killing a puppy.

BTW--I still have my "DARE to keep kids off drugs" shirt.

andiepants said...

Oh no, I'd never post anyone hurting an animal! My mom gets mad at me because in action/horror movies I'm always like, "Save the dog! Is the cat okay? Shoot the guy, don't shoot the horse, asshole!" She thinks I care more about the animals than the human characters (and I don't exactly contradict her on that one...).