Sunday, January 16, 2011

Awwwww YEAH!!!!

Had to post this in honor of my most favorite-est band in the whole entire universe. Yes, these men have the power to turn a 37-year-old woman into a squealing hysterical 13-year-old. Can I say how much I love this song? They sound better than they have in 20+ years. They sound like themselves again, and I'm sooooo glad they've stopped trying to force hip-hop and R&B elements into their songs in order to appeal to the youngsters. Everyone who loves Duran Duran (youngsters, oldsters, etc.) love them because of their unique sound--as heard on Rio, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, Notorious, etc.--and NOT evidenced since 1990. (Okay, The Wedding Album was successful but not one of their stronger efforts, IMHO.)

Whatever. These are the men I know and love. I'm glad they're back.

Here they are.

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andiepants said...

I should ETA that I thought their album of covers "Thank You" (1995) was fabulous. It was a Duranie oasis in a decade of grunge.