Monday, January 26, 2015

Sarah Failin'

Several years ago I had a dream where I ran into Sarah Palin in the salad bar area at Kowalski's (a Twin Cities supermarket chain). I've forgotten many of the details; I only recall pushing her grocery cart aside, putting my hands on her shoulders, staring her in the eye and demanding, "What is wrong with you? Really, I'm serious--what the hell is your problem?" I don't remember what answer she gave me, or if she said anything at all. 

I think I already knew the answer. It was clear then, it's crystal now: the woman is a gold-plated idiot. No complicated answer. No clinical diagnosis. That's really all there is to it. She's dumb as a bag of hammers. 

I wish a wolf would shoot her from a helicopter. That would rule. 

Sic her, boy!


Ms Sparrow said...

Now, this is a post that I can identify with! If you actually did encounter Palin and ask her that question, she would be incapable of giving you a coherent answer! In recent TV appearances, she rambles on and on, alternating between her folksy, cutesy personna and the snarky, gun-totin' personna but never completing a thought. I seriously believe she is unraveling right before our eyes. Any yet, 23% percent of tea partiers say they would support her for president! I find it so sad that so many women who rise to the top in politics (Michele Bachmann, Joni Ernst, etc) turn out to be airheads. Thank goodness for Elzabeth Warren with her intelligence and level head!

andiepants said...

Aside from being dumb, she's not "all there" mentally. They hinted at that in "Game Change" (great flick, btw). The book is a good read too but the movie goes into more detail about the McCain/Palin fiasco.

On another note, I wish the media would stop humoring her by pretending that she's serious about running for office! No way will she run for anything. She makes serious bank from speaking engagements and the ghost-written books she shits out every few years. She'll stick to that, believe me.

Anonymous said...

Actual quote from her speech:

"Being beholden to the people it is their record then, not their standing in the party, but their record that needs to be considered and we cut them then if we want a fired up, unified base to get the GOP over the line to thwart the lies of the less [sic] and their politics of personal destruction, we gotta cut the candidates who don’t fit that bill of being beholden to the people."

And you thought Bush was dumb!