Thursday, February 05, 2015


From (Everything Is Terrible vlogger) ohmy70s because they are the awesomest....

Remember when Charlie Sheen's brain broke and he was all over 20/20 and Piers Morgan and whatnot babbling about his "goddesses" and "tiger blood DNA" and--of course--"WINNING"? I mean, he was/is clearly bonkers, but now that I've seen this I wonder if the "WINNING" thing came from a late night infomercial hallucination fever dream Chuck fell into after a 48-hour hooker/porn star/freebasing bender and was visited by an apparition of this Win Paris dude. 

Makes sense to me. 

Everything about this clip is so 1970's insane. The skin-tight jeans hiked up to the nipples. The orange tracksuit. That nightmare leisure suit. The fact that Win looks like a creepier version of Hugh Hefner with a bad bowl haircut. (Not to mention the Midday Movie "Son of Kong." WTF?)

I have vague memories of these '70s fitness/motivational gurus. There seemed to be a lot of them back then. They used to pop up on afternoon talk shows my mom would watch (Merv Griffin, Dinah, etc.). These odd little guys confused me, the way they bounced around the set, screaming at the camera and the studio audience. I'd be like, "What is that man so mad about?" And the king of them all was Richard Simmons, crying and shrieking and hugging all over the fat women.

I couldn't find an illustrative Richard Simmons clip from the '70s but I did find this gem. If you ever wanted see Richard Simmons molest a PM Magazine reporter and drop the f-bomb, well, you're welcome.



Ms Sparrow said...

Aww, Richard Simmons was kinda sweet most of the time. Sure he was over-the-top sometimes but that's what turned on us fat babes! (Not that it did me any good.)

andiepants said...

I like him, but he kinda freaked me out when I was a little kid. I thought he was mad at the audience the way he yelled, and I thought the women he counseled were crying because he was yelling at them. I found 70's television quite confusing as a wee one.

I'm cool with RS now. He'd be a blast to hang out with!

Ms Sparrow said...

That is why I despise Gillian Michaels. The sight of her screaming at sobbing overweight women who had been pushed to the point of exhaustion made me so mad.
I've belonged to Curves for five years, but last year when they aggressively started promoting her plan, I stopped going until they took down the life-size cut-out of her sneering face and half-naked body!

andiepants said...

I'm not familiar with Gillian Michaels. I do find exercise/motivational shills obnoxious though.

You should try Snap Fitness! I love them. They're affordable and open 24 hours. I used to love going to the Uptown location around 2am when I had insomnia. I had the whole gym to myself! It has a card entry security system to keep out the riff-raff, so it's safe to go at night or in the wee hours of the morning. :-)

Mike Nago said...

Ha! I wonder what would happen if I called that number! That was insane.

andiepants said...

Haha I'm always tempted to call 1-800 numbers when I see old commercials! Weird compulsion, I know.