Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This Is So Gay

My random thoughts on Season 2 of The L Word so far....

Shane: I HATE her new hair. She used to be cute. I hope it grows out soon.

Bette: She rocks. I like how she's kind of guy-ish in her actions (for some sick reason I don't understand).

Alice: I like her hair more this season. The thing between her and Dana is not believable at all, though. Those two have no chemistry together (besides the friendship). However, I'm all in favor of anything that gets Dana away from her bitch girlfriend (it's so perfect that her name is Tonya. I don't think anyone who lived through the '90s can disassociate that name from that white trash knee-whackin' psychotic figure skater). Anyway, I hope they get rid of that troll soon. She's evil! She let Dana's cat die! (Kill her!!!! Please!!!!)

Jenny: looks better than she did last season, but she still needs to eat a damn sandwich already.

Tina: looks better now that she's pregnant, and she's becoming less boring.

Kit: severely bores me.

Carmen: cute but dull.

Helena: haven't fully formed an opinion on her. So far, she kind of bugs because her British accent sounds fake, (even though that actress is actually British).

Marina: glad she and Francesca are gone. They both suck. Good riddance.

Also....I'm pissed that they brought in that stupid creepy guy with the video camera (can't be bothered to look up his name). If they needed a penis on the show so badly, they should have kept Tim around. If Jenny does the nasty with Camera Boy, the small smidgen of respect I have for her will go right out the window. And Camera Boy's friend is a dweeb and a half. Seriously, I know they're trying to portray Camera Boy as edgy and mysterious, but how cool can he be if he hangs out with that dorkwad?

And the new theme song. Who decided it needed a theme song? It's not a damn sitcom, for Christ sake. It makes the show seem cheesy and generic, which it's not. I loved the old opening with the cool techno music. What happened?

All that aside, I'm still The L Word's bitch. It's still an awesome show and I'm so glad that for once something I like has become a hit (usually that never happens).

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y said...

I couldn't agree more about the state of Shane's hair (rats' nest; her shaggability has greatly dwindled. I used to pause on closeups of her, for fuck's sake. Now I have to make do with cute little Alice.

So, I'm addicted.