Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Here are some links:

KiKi makes and sells quirky, retro items ranging from jewelry to journals to toilet seats. I want the space girl toilet seat so bad I can taste it! It takes all of my willpower not to whip out my credit card and buy, buy, buy! I'm totally serious. When I have a little more money in the bank, that toilet seat is mine.

One-hit wonders! Ever 'wonder' what happened to 'em? This site has an extensive list of one-trick ponies and their songs, arranged by decade from the '50s to the '90s. While the lists are impressive, they need to do a little more research on the artists to provide more bio information (many of them have none available). Still, it's fun to look through and see how many you remember. One conspicuous omission, however, is Martika's Toy Soldiers. Okay, I admit it, I kinda like that one. The site more than makes up for it, though, by listing artists that are a lot more obscure, like Alison Moyet, Regina, and Hipsway. It scared me when I realized how many of these I remember.

Click here to go to the animal rescue site and make a free donation. Good site, good cause, and it's free.

The corporate trainer at work ordered pizza today for the sales class. After lunch, I ventured into the kitchen to scope out the leftovers, and was disgusted to find the remaining slices of pizza piled high with pepperoni, sausage and other assorted pigstuff. Which brings me to this wonderful site, which is chock full of information about becoming a vegetarian, the health benefits of going veggie, and even highlights the different types of vegetarian diets, (ovo-lacto, vegan, etc.) so that you may choose the lifestyle that's right for you.

Take this quiz and see if, (based on your vernacular), you are more Yankee, Dixie, or somewhere in between. I scored roughly 60% Dixie--pretty typical for someone from Indiana, I think. Of course, it could also be the influence of all the Dixie Chicks CD's that I listen to in my car. :-)

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