Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Nice, juicy, delicious tasting links.

A cool one I just found in the last week is Bitter Waitress. It's a fun site overall, but if you click on the gossip button at the top left, you can read stories submitted by restaurant workers who dish the dirt on celebrities they've served, and whether or not they were assholes and/or lousy tippers.

T-shirt hell rocks! And I know first-hand, because I'm the proud owner of one of their sarcastic tees. Can you guess which one?

The Book of Ratings is brought to you by half of the duo that created brunching.com, which was one of my favorite sites ever. (I say "was" because, sadly, they are no longer updating it, although you can browse the archives here).

Whenever you come across any odd or interesting links, forward them to me. If I end up posting them, you'll receive....um, a gracious and heartfelt "thank you." I promise.

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