Tuesday, February 17, 2004

It's link day, so here ya go. And I'm running out of ideas on this, so if my regular readers (and you know who you are) could send me some links to post, I'd be much obliged.

I'm not sure how accurate some of the stuff on this site is, but it's entertaining anyway. The section on weird laws is my favorite. Apparently, in my adopted home state of Minnesota, it's illegal to mock a skunk. This begs the obvious question--how would one go about mocking a skunk? By painting a white stripe down your back and farting a lot? I guess I could see why it would be a bad idea to piss off a skunk, so maybe that's the rationale behind it.

Here are some more bad movie sites that I've come across Oh, The Humanity! and The Stinkers. Neither are as good as Jabootu, but I was pleased to see that both sites mentioned The Forbidden Dance, which is fast becoming one of my favorite bad movies of all time (well, it's probably in my Top 5, anyway). Speaking of which, I might have to do another bad movie review, stat. I'll need to ask Marcus for his input, though (hint, hint).

Okay, this is apropo of nothing, but who the hell is this little Clay Aiken butt-dart, and why is he famous? I mean, I know he came in second place after the fat guy on American Idol, and ordinarily I'd take this opportunity to make a cheap joke about how he must've blown that snotty British judge, but...he didn't even win. So, again--why is he famous? Is he considered talented? Attractive? I mean, is this what the little girls are drooling over these days? If so, then the whole Justin Timberlake phenomenon is starting to make a little more sense. Not much, but a little. And speaking of Justin Timberlake, I heard one of his songs today on the crappy internet radio station at work. I don't know the title (and I'm not looking it up), but I know it features a "rap" with Nelly and a sample of AC/DC's Back In Black. This guy is trying really hard to convince everyone of his "street cred" now that he's supposedly finished with the pussy Boy Band scene, but I ain't buying it. He was on the Mickey freakin' Mouse Club. He does MacDonald's commercials. Okay, you could make the argument here that I'm old and I just don't "get it." But come on, already. The guy looks like Screech. Seriously.

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