Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Amazing Adventures of Morph -- Episode 1

Ian introduced me to Morph a while back, and now I'm hopelessly addicted. I've been watching episode after episode of The Amazing Adventures of Morph, and I keep going back to this, episode 1 of the series.

The original one is hands-down my favorite, partly because it features Gillespie. I love Gillespie. I love how he raises his eyebrows salaciously when Morph jumps into his arms. I love the big pile up fight he gets into with the other clay people. I love his buttons. I love that his name is Gillespie. He rocks.

I also love this episode because it's the one where they write a book. I look at this and wish I'd had similar help with my novel. It would have been awesome to just orate into a microphone while a little silver tin-foil girl inside a box took notes. I would have adored having a clay creature to untangle all the strips of paper and organize it into pages--pages that simply slipped into a professionally bound book.

I think that's how Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight.

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Anonymous said...

Tony Hart who was the cartoonist/animator behind Morph died a coupld of years back. He had been a larg contributor to kids TV back home since the late 60's. I had forgotten about Morph.