Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have been reading up on tattoos over on Cracked, and it's been quite enlightening. I learned, for instance, what message my tattoos are truly sending out to the world. The one on my ankle, apparantly, says "Cute Little Princess, now with real tattoo accessory." I can live with that. The other one on the small of my back says, "Yes, buying me a drink will totally work." Scarily accurate.

As for the tats themselves, I'm fine with the on my ankle. It was an impulsive decision I made when I was 21. It's meaningless, small, and inoffensive. My other one--on the small of my back--was an asinine decision I made when I turned 30. I will be having that one removed sometime in the (hopefully near) future. With a belt sander, if necessary.


Anonymous said...

I have three tattoos.
The first is a cross on my left forearm, that was done when I was 12 or maybe 13 and was part of a strategy to gain acceptance in my new high school. It was done with indian ink and a sewing machine hur like hell but I have since learned that similar rites of passage exist in many primitive cultures.
The second is a "Saint" logo this one was done a year or so after the first one and was the next step upon the road to my integration into my new "family".
The a star of life logo, this was done for my 40th birthday and commemorates my working in the EMS field which was a job I took in my quest for redemption...... I still havent found it.
The guy that did my first and second tattoos grew up and went on to become a tattoo artist, I guess I was ahead of the curve :)

andiepants said...

I didn't know that about the cross. :-)

Ms Sparrow said...

To me, the worst thing about tats is that after 20 years or so they just look like vericose veins or bruises. Who needs that?