Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

I'm pissed off, I'm bummed out, I'm in shock. I was ten years old when Michael Jackson peaked with Thriller, so I was there; I remember him before he went completely off the rails, when he was just known for being Michael Jackson. I don't think anyone born after 1980 can really understand the impact he had, and that's tragic. I hope that when the dust settles, he is remembered most for being a phenomenal performer and artist.

I found a clip of the Thriller video, edited down to (mostly) just the dancing. When this video came out, I had to run out of the room for the first 5 minutes because the part where he turned into a werewolf scared the holy hell out of me (I was a big weenie). But I always came back in the room for the dancing part.

R.I.P. King of Pop

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