Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I promised a Shelby photo montage, and here it is. These are just a handful of shots from Shelby's first year (there are MANY more, but these were the best of the bunch).

So cuuuuuute! This is Shelby at the shelter, the day we picked her up. We adopted her on April 1, 1995 from an all-volunteer feline rescue organization in Indianapolis called Cats' Haven.

Me and my old boyfriend Rick holding Shelby and her mom, who was being cared for at the shelter. Her name was Kimmy and she was one badass cat!

This is (from left) Shelby with her brother and one of her sisters. She had another sister identical to the black and white one who had already been adopted.

Me and Shelby the night we brought her home. This is at my first apartment, the one that Rick and I shared on Evergreen Court in Indy. Vertical blinds, beige carpeting, avacado green fridge. I remember it well. Notice that I had yet to discover eyebrow tweezers.

Shelby and my mom. She was crazy about Shelby, her "grandkitten."

Shelby with my stepdad. He's usually not that into cats, but Shelby could make a cat lover out of anyone.

Awwwww! Have you ever seen anything so adorable????

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Ms Sparrow said...

I really enjoyed the pictures of your family and Shelby's family.
You look so young in Shelby's baby picture.