Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I just heard the greatest news on the radio...

...Rod Stewart is coming to Minneapolis on April 16th!!! Tix on sale Saturday!!! I know he is considered grossly uncool, but I don't give a rat's. I'll never apologize for my Rod love. He was, is and will always be The Man. This will be my seventh time seeing him. Yep, seventh.

1st--1989, at Deer Creek (in Noblesville, IN)
2nd--1993, Deer Creek
3rd--1996 at Market Square Arena (R.I.P) in Indy
4th--1998, Deer Creek (10th row!)
5th--1999 at a crappy free concert (bad seats and it rained) at Military Park in Indy.
6th--2001, Deer Creek--3rd row!! During the song "Angel" (a little-known Jimi Hendrix tune Rod covered in the early '70s) Rod was scanning the crowd, looking (I guess) to see if anyone recognized the song he was singing. His eyes landed on me and he saw that I was singing along, and he gave me a nod and sort of bowed. I nearly fainted. That was a rather eventful show, come to think of it. At one point, someone chucked a pair of weird-looking undies at his feet, and Rod and his backup singers had fun surreptitiously kicking it around the stage until Rod--in the middle of a song--snatched it up and tossed it offstage without skipping a beat. And during the encore, these two Evil Yuppie Bitches in the row in front of me got into a fight and one of them threw a beer at the other one, missed by a country mile, and splattered it all over me. I was like, thanks, Evil Yuppie Bitches. But it was still an amazing night.