Monday, January 05, 2004

I noticed something interesting about the banner at the top of my blog. Whatever I write about in my entries, a link will appear to advertise one of my subjects--even stuff that I've just mentioned in passing (I'm guessing that they scan the blog for keywords, and link to whatever they find). I've seen stuff so far advertising links to Russell Crowe and Yoga Teacher training, which is funny. I've decided to do a little experiment with some random subjects....

See if they link to these: ostriches, cable-knit sweaters, Pauly Shore.

It is unbelievably ball-shrinking cold in the Twin Cities, and it's supposedly the third warmest winter in history (!) The temperature is currently something insane like 5 below zero with windchill at 29 below. I always thought I'd do fine in a cold climate, but temperatures this extreme are making me seriously consider moving someplace really tropical with no seasons, like Hawaii or the Virgin Islands.

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