Saturday, January 24, 2004

Okay, this week has been too hectic and stressful. This is why my posts have consisted of crap pulled off other sites on the internet. Maybe next week I will feel up to discussing everything that went on, but for now I don't, so here comes some more crap out of a dream journal that I've been keeping sporadically for the past year or so.

The funny thing about this is, once I write down these dreams, I completely forget about them. It makes reading past entries more interesting, I guess.

Entry dated 1-23-03

This was another multi-faceted dream, but the part I remember involved George Clooney. I was back working at Travelers (ugh). I recognized a few Travelers people, like (name of past co-worker). Anyway, all of us grunts were working in this big main area, on this long table, doing some grunt paperwork. Periodically, one of the bigwigs would come into the room and there would be a lot of commotion; people talking, looking busy, etc. Turns out that George Clooney was one of the bigwigs. And he was HOT in person. Every time he came in, I made a point to make some suggestive comment to him (I wish I could remember them--they were good!) I don't remember if he ever acknowledged me or even heard me, but I really wanted him to notice me. (At the same time, I didn't want to be too obvious). Some fat guy heard something I said to George, and was acting all shocked about it. I just kind of blew him off, thinking to myself: "Dude, it's George fucking Clooney! Of course I'm going to come onto him!" But alas, George and I never did end up making a connection that time. Now that I think about it, he probably would have made a good insurance salesman. The only sexy insurance salesman in the world.

Entry dated 1-24-03 (a year ago today! woah).

I remember sketches of this one--most of all I just remember the feelings I was having.

(Name of former boss) was there and I was hanging out with her and her family. There was a lot going on, and she seemed distracted. Anyway, a ghost kept appearing to me. It was a really hideous, disturbing sight (some fucked-up looking lady, her face covered in blood. Someone referred to her as "Bloody Mary"). Anyway, I was the only one that could see her, and the more I told everyone about these "visions," the more I freaked them out. Towards the end, I was thinking that maybe I was crazy. The ghost was definitely targeting me and tormenting me, and following me from room to room in this house. I was terrified, and woke up all sweaty.

Entry dated 2-20-03

I was either a.) a 17-year old girl, or b.) playing one in a movie. I was a brunette and looked like a young Jennifer Connelly. Harrison Ford was either my dad or my stepdad, and I had a younger sister (just a few years younger). I suddenly realized that I was in love with my dad/stepdad (ewwww! But it was Harrison Ford). Anyway, he and I had one or two trysts, and it was VERY exciting, very dirty, and I was totally lusting after him--my dad/stepdad, whatever he was--and he was trying to put the brakes on it and we were both trying to hide what was going on from my mom (who I think was Jessica Lange) and the rest of the family. Then, it was weird because I was suddenly at a mall in Tulsa, shopping with Eileen (my real life oldest sister), and looking for things that she and I bought when I was 15 and staying with her. We went to Claire's (or a store like it) where I bought that black hat, and I was gushing over everything and telling Eileen how I still wore/used all the earrings, accessories that I had back then. (!) I remember the whole time wanting to return back to my step-father/lover Harrison Ford, but I couldn't tell anyone--I had to be sly about it. I never got to go back to him, though.

Entry dated 4-16-03

I was working at a strip club. Like in the other dreams, (?) it was daylight out, but very dim and musty in the club. It was my turn to get on one of the little stages (more like just some small wooden platforms) and dance. I decided at the last minute to dress up, though--and started going through all the teddys, negligees, and feather boas that were in this little closet. There were also a bunch of silk scarves hanging up, and I was trying to figure out what to do with them. I was also going through these stockings, trying to find some that fit (most of them were way too big). When I finally got ready to go dance, the music on the jukebox had already stopped, and most of the crowd had already gone to another section of the club (on the other side of the wall that was behind me). Someone said that Robin Williams had shown up there, and everyone was all excited and they went over to see him. There was only this table of two people, a woman and (I think) a man. I was going to try to dance for them and get money from them, but the prospect seemed pretty grim--they didn't act very interested.

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