Thursday, January 15, 2004

I'm still pissed about those archives biting the dust. My posts on Sweater Guy, sex bracelets, etc.? Gone. All gone.

Oh well, fuck it.

I am wearing a dangerously see-through black lace blouse today. It's not because I'm trying to hook up with anyone at work; it's because I got dressed in the dark this morning and didn't realize how sheer this top is. Thank God I'm wearing a fairly modest bra underneath, 'cause you can see from here to Nebraska. Good thing the boss man's in Milwaukee this week. He's missing out on my breasts, poor guy.

We just got a whole buttload of Sharpies delivered from Office Depot today. I got a whole pack of rainbow Sharpies, one in every color! Yay! Sharpies make me happy. I'll have to think of some creative uses for them--I can't let all these pretty colors go to waste.

Good God, it's a slow day.

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